Everfan custom superhero cape **Giveaway**

If you have little ones (or even if you yourself) dream of being a superhero you will not want to miss out on this weeks giveaway! Everfan and their superhero team make custom, collegiate and whimsical capes for you or your kiddo to take on your arch enemies. They have several styles available for boys and girls alike […]

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Great Play of Chandler Grand Re-Opening

Have you had the chance to visit Great Play of Chandler yet located on Ray and the 101?  Today they celebrated their grand re-opening and until Wednesday, April 16th will be having some fun FREE trial classes! They have offered a SWEET  deal for East Valley Mom’s Blog Readers.  Great Play will waive their annual $39 Membership […]

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Party at the Pavilion: Eastmark Great Park-Saturday, May 3, 2014

As the weather heats up, why not celebrate the last temperate days of spring with a free outdoor concert and fun family activities?  On Saturday May 3, Eastmark, a new community in Mesa near Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway airport, is celebrating the opening of the community’s new event pavilion with an all-day, free, outdoor music concert. The new […]

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Makes perfect scents…

Custom perfume is coming to the east valley…custom? Yes, that’s right, custom! And for less than you would find at a department store! I had the pleasure of meeting Dana knees this month at 20 Lounge in Scottsdale. She was visiting AZ to introduce her new company, Pastiche. pas·tiche noun \pas-ˈtēsh, päs-\ : a piece […]

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Make It Monday- Burlap Bunny Banner

I love having a mantle over our fireplace. It is a great place for holiday decorations, and most of the time my baby can’t reach them (YAY). This spring I decided to try to make a fun burlap banner to hang from the mantle. Here is what you will need: -burlap -acrylic paint -ribbon -poms […]

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Park Playdate @ Mesa Riverview Park

We are hosting our April playgroup playdate at Mesa Riverview Park. This new park is perfect for kids of all ages. Clean and spacious with activities and equipment that include: Urban Fishing Lake Spray ground with multiple water features Playground extraordinaire including: 50 foot tall Genesis climbing tower 60 foot long caterpillare mesh rope climbing […]

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Harkins Theatres PlayCenter

I love going to the movies!  In the theatre, sitting in the dark next to strangers, and eating popcorn that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to recreate at home.  For me, watching a movie in a movie theatre on the big screen is how it should be watched.  But, […]

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Who loves to bRUNch?

I’m a runner.  I no longer say “I’m trying to be a runner.” because I’ve come to grips with the fact that I actually do enjoy running.  It’s something I can do alone or if you are social and like to eat delicious food like me-you can join a really fun new running club called […]

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A Stress Free Toddler Birthday Party

In a perfect world I would plan a perfect birthday party. Every last detail would be planned at least a month in advance. The invitations would go out with plenty of time for friends to RSVP. The decorations would match the invitations, which would match the cake, which would match the party bags, etc. Sadly […]

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Mom jeans: The ongoing battle debunked by Joanne Mason

Remember the days when mom jeans were classified as uncool and old-fashioned? Well those days have gone and past, ladies! What once was a fashion faux pas is now an acceptable, even fashionable, piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. While they have a reinvented name – high-waist jeans – there are still some […]

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